Beth Bartolazzi

Beth Bartolazzi

Listing Manager/Photographer

  • Office Location: 1674 Eisenhower Road, DePere, WI 54115

About Beth Bartolazzi

First let me start by saying, I love what I do! Work doesn’t feel like work anymore, and I never thought that was possible! Photography has always been a passion of mine, and honestly, I never thought a day would come that I would actually be able to do it for a living!

What makes me different from other photographers? I feel that I have an eye for the “perfect shot”. When I walk into a room I don’t just see a room- I try to envision myself living there, and try to capture that for everyone else to see. For instance, what can I see when I’m relaxing on the couch? Is it just a wall with a television, or is there a fireplace or windows overlooking the yard? If I’m in the kitchen cooking, can I see the kids or dogs playing in the yard? Or, can I see my family and friends enjoying the delicious meal I just prepared? For me, I feel these things are important to try to capture in a photo, so you can really imagine yourself living there.

I am honored that my little brother Ben has given me the opportunity to be a part of a whole new family and to be the photographer for! I’m SO proud to be a part of this team!